Friday, 18 March 2011

Imprinted Images.........

I often get inspired to create a piece of art or an item of jewelery by something I read that stirs something in my soul. A few years ago I came across an old yellowed paperback book in a second hand book store called 'Inspiring Poems'. It has on many occasions sparked an idea and got me started on a new creation. One of my favourite poems found in this little treasury is 'Imprinted Images' by an unknown author.

     Walk in the starlight long enough
          And the silver will touch your hair,
     For the stars will lean from heaven
          And be reflected there.

     Talk with the angels long enough
          And your very face will shine,
     For the peace of God will touch your eyes
          With radiance divine.

     Only give God and the angels time
          To burnish what once was dim,
     And the glory may rest on all of us,
           For was it not so with Him?

I have long had an interest in angels and the part they play in God's plan and in our lives (hence my obsession with photographing them!) Below is a wall heart which uses one of my photographs and extracts of the poem.

I hope you are inspired and uplifted by this too.......

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